Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Opens R&D Center

New center will strengthen development functions for pharmaceutical business expansion


Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc. (SSI), a Shimadzu Group company in the United States, established an R&D Center to enhance its product development capabilities for analytical and measurement equipment. The opening ceremony was held on April 10. The R&D Center consists of three locations, with one laboratory located at SSI’s headquarters in Maryland, an East Coast (near Boston, Massachusetts) laboratory, and a West Coast (near San Francisco, California) laboratory. The North American market is a region where investment in advanced technologies and products is strong. Through the R&D Center, Shimadzu will be able to accurately understand customer needs and accelerate product and technology development.


“These forward-focused R&D centers will enable us to closely collaborate with customers and stakeholders to develop products that meet tomorrow’s analytical laboratory needs and swiftly deliver these solutions to the marketplace,” said SSI president Yoshiaki Maeda.


In North America, SSI provides analytical and measuring instruments to customers in multiple markets, including pharmaceutical, clinical, energy and forensics. SSI established an Innovation Center in 2015 to promote joint research and development with customers. The new R&D Center will expand on the capabilities of the Innovation Center and serve to increase Shimadzu’s presence in the North American market.

Boston, where the East Coast center is located, is home to many prestigious academic institutions and a hub for biopharmaceutical R&D initiatives. The San Francisco area, location of the West Coast laboratory, is home to global pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology ventures. These two facilities will primarily investigate the needs of pharmaceutical companies and will jointly evaluate prototypes developed based on those needs by bringing them to customers’ sites. At its headquarters in Maryland, the R&D Center will be used to evaluate prototypes and undertake agile development in cooperation with the Analytical and Measuring Instruments Division of Shimadzu Corporation. The Maryland headquarters will also include laboratories for the installation of prototypes and new products and for conducting joint research with customers.

The Shimadzu Group plans to use its SSI base to expand its business to pharmaceutical companies, increasing sales in North America from 330 million USD to 453 million USD in fiscal 2025.