Webinar - Comprehensive Analytical Solutions for Lubricant Condition Monitoring

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Title: Comprehensive Analytical Solutions for Lubricant Condition Monitoring

Duration: 30 minutes

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In this webinar hosted by Shimadzu, we will discuss the chemical analysis of lubricants and why these analyses are critical to cost-efficient operation of heavy machinery. Lubricants serve critical functions within an engine or turbine beyond just lubrication, including cleaning, heat transfer, and corrosion prevention, among others. Changes in a lubricant’s chemistry can be indicative of mechanical problems or indicate loss of utility as it can no longer effectively perform the functions for which it was designed.

In the context of industry-standard test methods from ASTM, we will cover analytical topics including analysis of soot, moisture, oxidation, and breakdown of additives by using FTIR, analysis of wear metals in lubricants by ICP-OES, and lastly, fuel dilution into lubricants by GC-FID.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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