Thermal Desorption GCMS: Supporting Your Arson Analysis

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Title: Thermal Desorption GCMS: Supporting Your Arson Analysis

Duration: 45 minutes

Available On Demand


Join us for our first Forensics Webinar! We will be covering the rapidly growing field of Arson as it pertains to TD-GCMS. Come and learn everything you need to know regarding Arson, and Fire Debris and how Shimadzu GCMS paired with thermal desorption will burn through the competition!


Alan Owens

Alan Owens
Sr. GCMS Product Specialist
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

Alan Owens is the Sr. GCMS Product Specialist at Shimadzu Scientific Instruments. Alan received his B.S. degree in Biology and Chemistry from Hampden-Sydney college. Alan joined Shimadzu as a GCMS Product Specialist at the corporate headquarters in Columbia, MD. He was then promoted to Sr. Product Specialist in 2019. In his time with Shimadzu, he has delved into several markets specifically Forensics and Toxicology. Alan has presented several works within the Forensic community such as SOFT and AAFS.

Rachel Lieberman

Rachel Lieberman
Marketing Manager for Forensic Science
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

Rachel received her B.S. degree in Chemistry with minor in Math in 2004 from the University of Cincinnati and her Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill under the supervision of Prof. James Jorgenson. In May of 2011, Rachel joined Shimadzu as an Application Scientist in LC and LC-MS/MS at corporate headquarters in Columbia, MD. In 2013, Rachel became a Sr. LCMS Product Specialist and was promoted to LCMS Product coordinator in April of 2017. In October of 2017, Rachel became the first Marketing Manager for Forensic Science at Shimadzu Scientific Instruments.

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