Precision Semi-Micro, Analytical, Moisture and Platform Balances for Any Weighing Application

Shimadzu's full lineup of Balances

Shimadzu’s semi-micro, analytical, moisture and platform balances incorporate 100 years of engineering excellence. Our dedication to continuous improvement has led to advances including the UniBloc one-piece force cell, temperature-based fully-automatic calibration, an integrated ionizer for static electricity removal, and LabSolutions Balance for data management compliant with electronic record (ER) and electronic signature (ES) regulations.

Balance Lineup

AP Series Semi-Micro & Analytical Balances

AP Series Semi-Micro & Analytical Balances

Fast, Efficient Performance for Enhanced Productivity
Maximum Weight Range: 52 g to 320 g
AU Series Semi-Micro and Analytical Balances

AU Series Semi-Micro & Analytical Balances

Advanced Functions Deliver Excellent Weighing Performance
Maximum Weight Range: 42 g to 320 g
TW and TX Series Analytical Balances

TW & TX Series Analytical Balances

Easy Operation and Wide-Ranging Functionality
Maximum Weight Range: 220 g to 420 g
AT Series Analytical Balances

AT Series Analytical Balances

Straightforward, Precise Weighing Solutions
Maximum Weight Range: 62 g to 320 g
MOC63u Moisture Balance

MOC63u Moisture Balance

Accurate Moisture Content Determination for a Wide Application Range
Maximum Weight: 60 g
MOC-120H Moisture Balance

MOC-120H Moisture Balance

Precise Moisture Content Analysis of High-Weight Samples
Maximum Weight: 120 g
UW and UX Series Platform Balances

UW & UX Series Platform Balances

High-Performance Platform Balances with Comprehensive Functions
Maximum Weight Range: 220 g to 8.2 kg
TX and TXB Series Platform Balances

TX & TXB Series Platform Balances

Great Functionality and Easy Operation
Maximum Weight Range: 420 g to 6.2 kg
BW-K and BX-K Series Platform Balances

BW-K & BX-K Series Platform Balances

Precision Platform Balances for High-Capacity Weighing
Maximum Weight Range: 12 kg to 62 kg
ELB Series Platform Balances

ELB Series Platform Balances

User-Friendly and Durable Platform Balances for Field Use
Maximum Weight Range: 120 g to 12 kg
BL Series Platform Balances

BL Series Platform Balances

Highly Stable Platform Balances for Routine Weighing
Maximum Weight Range: 220 g to 3.2 kg


LabSolutions Balance Software

LabSolutions Balance

Balance Network Data System Compliant with Electronic Record (ER) and Electronic Signature (ES) Regulations




Quick Static Charge Removal for Easier Sample Handling and Weighing
SMK Specific Gravity Measurement Kits

SMK Specific Gravity Measurement Kits

Offering Simple, Straightforward Measurements
EP-100 and EP-110 Printers

EP-100 and EP-110 Printers

Easy-to-Use Printers, Supporting Good Laboratory Practice
Animal Weighing Sets

Animal Weighing Sets

Quick and Reliable Weighing of Live Animals

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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