Direct Sample Inlet Device DI-2010

Direct Sample Inlet Device

DI-2010 Direct Sample Inlet Probe


  • Direct analysis of liquid and solid samples without requirement of chromatographic separation
  • Qualitative analysis of materials that are difficult if not impossible, to elute from a chromatographic column
  • Switch between conventional GC and DI introduction technique without hardware changes
  • Multiple, user-programmable probe heating ramp rates

Product Description

Direct Sample Introduction

The DI-2010 Direct Sample Inlet Device allows a sample to be introduced directly into the ion source without being passed through a GC column. It is an effective technique for obtaining mass spectra of synthetic compounds that do not chromatograph well. A DI system can be incorporated into most Shimadzu GCMS configurations without making any changes to the GC. It is then possible to switch between conventional GC column chromatography and DI analysis without making any hardware changes.

Mass spectra of components that are thermally labile or not suited for GC analysis can easily be determined using the DI-2010.

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