Frontier Lab Pyrolyzer PY-3030 and Accessories

PY-3030 series pyrolyzer for Pyrolysis GCMS

The PY-3030 series pyrolyzer is a versatile instrument allowing the user to characterize virtually any organic and inorganic material, including solids. The PY-3030 comes in two type: Single-Shot or Double-Shot. This sample introduction device enhances qualitative and quantitative analysis of samples with little to no preparation. The simplicity of this system makes it a perfect instrument for many industries including plastics testing, cannabis testing, food, and more.

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  • EGA/PY-3030 series is capable of multiple techniques:
    • Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA)
    • Single-Shot Analysis (PY)
    • Double-Shot Analysis (TD and PY)
    • Heart-cutting EGA Analysis (HC/EGA)
  • Micro-furnace technology with temperature programing from ambient (+10°C) to 1050°C
  • Small sample size required
  • Numerous accessories:
    • MicroJet Cryo-Trap
    • Auto-Shot Sampler: 48-position autosampler
    • Micro-UV Irradiator
    • Online micro-reaction sampler
    • Tandem PY
  • Optional libraries available for spectral identification
  • Works with the PY Screener package for RoHS compliance testing for phthalates

Pyrolysis GCMS sample prep simplified

With pyrolysis, sample preparation is as simple as placing your product in the sample cup and injecting. This technique is routinely used to identify materials, for trouble-shooting, for QA/QC variations, screening of incoming raw materials, RoHS compliance testing, R&D applications, and more.

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