GCMSsolution Software

A Higher Standard for Confident Compliance Capability


GCMS Solution Software Screen
  • GCMSsolution offers a single software program for all Shimadzu GC/MS and GC-MS/MS instruments
  • Real-Time Analysis module for instrument control and data acquisition
  • Postrun Analysis module for data processing and reporting
  • Browser module for display and reporting of multiple data files, including statistical analysis
  • Wizard functions for all routine operations, including instrument configuration, method setup, and quantitation
  • Fully customized reporting formats
  • Compatible with commercial MS libraries, user-created libraries, and application-specific libraries
  • Included with all GC/MS and GC-MS/MS packages

Product Description

Ease of Use and Versatile Functionality

GCMSsolution software is included with all Shimadzu GC/MS and GC-MS/MS instruments packages. It conveniently combines all of the functions required for GC/MS and GC-MS/MS instrument operation into a single software platform, with data acquisition, data processing, and reporting presented in four logical modules.

Wizards guide the user through building basic methods, batch processing tables, and data processing / quantitation procedures. The Automatic Adjustment of Retention Time (AART) feature allows adjustment of retention times of target compounds based on linear retention indices. Flexible reporting is made possible by allowing the user to add and edit reporting elements into a customized reporting format.

GCMSsolution data is compatible with most commercial MS libraries, and several libraries have been written specifically for GCMSsolution which incorporates library searching based on retention index for improved compound identification.

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