Headspace Samplers HS-20 Series

Volatile Component Analysis Simplified

Shimadzu HS-20 headspace sampler next to pharmaceutical pills used in residual solvent testing, Headspace GC-MS

The HS-20 series headspace samplers are the perfect closed-loop sampling system.  With a transfer line that connects the column using the same connections as the standard inlet, this headspace sampler provides the best direct column interface.  Unit comes in either loop only or loop/trap configurations which can be used in many industries including cannabis testing, pharmaceuticals, foods, forensics, and more.



  • 90-position sample tray provides immediate access
  • Capable of using both 10mL and 20mL headspace vials without the need for adapters
  • Equilibration temperature up to 300 °C for high-boiling compounds
  • Fully integrated into GC and GCMS software
  • Includes multiple operation modes:

    - Static headspace
    - Headspace-trap (using HS-20 Trap model)
    - Multiple Headspace extraction (MHE)
    - Method development
  • Maintenance items are easily accessible from top of the instrument
  • Overlapping samples to maximize analysis time
  • Optional barcode reader

Shimadzu HS-20 internal drawing of consumable parts: loop, trap, and needle


With maintenance items being accessible from the top to the systems column connections being identical to the inlet, the HS-20 series was designed with users in mind.  Integration into the software allows for the consumable usage to be counted and recorded for each of the maintenance parts with notifications given to the user when it is time to maintain the system. 

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