Thermal Desorption TD-30 series

Automated Preconcentrator

Shimadzu GCMS-QP2020 NX with TD-30 next to automotive interior used in off-gas testing of automotive parts.


The TD-30 series thermal desorption units are the optimal solution for gas and material analysis. Its outstanding processing ability and excellent expandability provide strong support for all types of analysis. These systems can be used for many industries including Materials Testing, Environmental, Food, and Forensics.


  • Outstanding processing ability and simple functionality with a sample capacity of up to 120 samples (based on model: TD-30 or TD-30R)
  • Excellent expanded capabilities that enable a variety of analysis like retrapping function, internal standard addition, and the option for barcode reading.
  • Overlapping and interrupting functions add speed and flexibility to the system. With overlapping, the TD-30 enables the next sample to be pretreated during GC analysis. Interrupting allows unscheduled samples to be run even though consecutive analysis have been set.
  • Supports sample tubes from various manufactures (tube size: ¼” x 3.5”)

Retrapping (Restore) Function

An explanation of tube desorption and then trap desorption after a sample has been retrapped next to two chromatograms showing the first analysis of a tube and after the retrapping run. This proves it hits the mark.


With the retrapping (restore) function, split samples desorbed from the tube and loaded into the GC-MS are once again trapped by the tube. Even if a problem occurs, the sample can be measured again, so that even precious trace samples can be analyzed with a sense of ease. In addition, with the TD-30R, the tube is cooled rapidly after desorption, so even low boiling point components can be restored


Simple Operation and Easy to Maintain Design

TD-30 with exploded pictures: the places for valve rotor replacement and trap tube, o-ring locations, column connection in the oven, and the usage counter in the software.


With the TD-30 series, traps, O-rings, and other consumables and maintenance parts can be accessed from the top surface of the instrument, so replacement is simple. The system is equipped with a software feature that records the number of uses of consumables and maintenance parts and notifies the user when a pre-specified number of uses has been reached.

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