Twin Line MS System

Simultaneous Connection of Two Capillary Columns

Twin Line MS System


  • Simultaneously install two capillary GC columns into a single mass spectrometer
  • Switch between two applications requiring different columns without venting the MS
  • Perform second-column confirmation on the same instrument without venting the MS
  • High-capacity differentially-pumped vacuum system maintains sensitivity with carrier gas flow from two columns
  • Inert sample pathway prevents loss of sensitivity, particularly for labile compounds
  • The carrier gas flow rate and linear velocity are maintained for both columns so existing method retention time information can be used

Product Description

Connect Two GC Columns to a Single MS

The Twin Line MS System provides an innovative approach to productivity improvement for users who need to run multiple applications with different capillary columns on a single GC/MS.

This option allows simultaneous connection of two capillary columns to a single mass spectrometer, so venting the MS and changing the analytical column is not required when switching between applications. A high-capacity vacuum system and exceptionally accurate control of carrier gas flow rates and linear velocity through the columns makes this possible.

It is useful for switching between two applications or performing second-column confirmation with environmental, forensic, or flavor/fragrance applications, to name just a few.

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