AOC Series GC Autosamplers

Automatic Operation Controller for Liquid Sampling

Nexis GC-2030 with AOC-30i and AOC-20s U next to Nexis GC-2030 with AOC-20i Plus on a background with liquid vials

AOC-30i with AOC-20s U

AOC-20i Plus with Standard Rack

Shimadzu offers a liquid autosampler for every price point and sample capacity need. The liquid autosamplers dramatically improve the work efficiency and reliability of GC analysis. No matter your budget or total sample count there is an autosampler combination to fit all laboratory needs.


AOC-30 Series


- Reliable Automatic Operation

  • Better reproducibility with variable injection speed control
  • Longer lifetime consumables with better stability
  • Customized cleaning sequences

- Space Saving Efficiency

  • Similar in size to previous models with added sample capacity
  • Larger built-in sample carousel holds more waste/wash vials
  • When run in a dual-tower configuration, up to 60 samples can be analyzed

- Built-in Pro Tips for Method Creation

  • New software function Sampler Navigator build on Analytical Intelligence
  • Simplified method creation
  • Easy overlapping pre-treatment operations

Automatic Operation Controller - AOC-30i 30-sample autoinjector tower

Screenshot of Sample Navigator in LabSolutions GC software

Sampler Navigator

In the ever-changing needs for the lab, this autoinjector allow for the flexibility of increased sample loads. For those looking to not only expand their total sample count but also looking for simplified method creation, the AOC-30 series is for you.


AOC-20i Plus Series


  • Space Saving Efficiency
    • Sits directly on top of the GC with minimal over-hang
  • Sample capacity of 6 or 12 samples
  • Supports diverse injection modes, including solvent flushing and PTV large volume injections

Automatic Operation Controller - AOC-20i Plus 6-sample autoinjector tower

The AOC-20 provides the highest degree of reliability. Maintaining reproducible results requires that periodic maintenance be performed, such as changing the injection port septa or syringe. With the AOC-20, these procedures are simple, and you can comfortably perform them without fear of adversely affecting instrument performance.


AOC-20s U

(For use with AOC-30i or AOC-20i Plus)


  • Works with all AOC-30i and AOC-20i series injector towers
  • Sample capacity of 150-2mL vials or 96-4mL vials
  • Self-correcting reliable sample transport
  • Easy rack exchange
  • Upgrade options for barcode reader and cooled racks

Automatic Operation Controller - AOC-20s U 150-sample carousel holder

Compatibility of AOC Liquid Sampling Systems

Matrix of compatibility of the carousel to the tower based on the GC or GCMS unit of interest


Shimadzu offers a GC autosampler combination for any laboratory need.  Whether you are interested in an AOC-20i Plus for a simple sample load, the specialty washing capabilities and larger sample capacity of the AOC-30i, or the maximum flexibility of either tower in combination with the AOC-20s U 150-sample carousel, these liquid sampling devices are made keep busy lab operators focused on results.

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