Backflushing System

Advanced Flow Technology Series For Reducing Analysis Time

Advanced Flow Technology Series
For Reducing Analysis Time


The backflushing system reverses the flow of the carrier gas after the target compound is detected to discharge residual components in the column from the injection port. This shortens the analysis time and improves productivity. Also, high boiling point components that are not the targeted components flow back and are discharged from the split vent, preventing column contamination and shift in the retention time. The backflushing system is suited to applications where the analysis time would increase in capillary analysis and the target component is eluted in a relatively short time.

--> Example of Analysis of Chlorine-Based Agricultural Chemicals in Cabbage

Backflush Exclusive Element

This low dead volume component has an inertly treated inner side and is used in the sample passage section. This element can be used in combination with a high-precision digital flow controller to achieve backflush analysis with high reproducibility. The element also adapts a system of inserts to keep maintenance costs low since all that needs to be done when contamination builds up inside the device is to replace just the insert.

Backflush Exclusive Element

Backflush Software

Also available is software for making the setup of analysis conditions easier. GCsolution and GCMSsolution methods can be loaded for verification of backflush analysis conditions, and the resulting analysis conditions can be saved as a method file. Troublesome backflush timing also can be set up while referring to a chromatogram to which a data file has been loaded.

Backflushing Software

This software can be downloaded free of charge from the following site:
Advanced Flow Technology Software Download

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