GC-2014 Packed GC

Versatile, High-performance GC

GC-2014 Packed GC

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The Shimadzu GC-2014 is a highly versatile gas chromatograph system.  The all-metal construction makes this workhorse GC rugged enough for use in the lab or in an industrial setting. The GC unit is ideal for both routine analysis like in ethanol analysis as well as for R&D in places like universities interested in chemicals analyses.


  • System contains seven on-board heated zones and sixteen 24-volt relays all which can be controlled via the LabSolutions software
  • Can accommodate up to four GC detectors
  • Ability to configure glass packed, stainless steel packed, wide-bore, and narrow-bore column
  • Rugged chassis and narrow footprint make it ideal for any lab
  • Flexibility and large oven capacity make it the perfect platform for the System GC program

Large Column Oven Setup

Large Column Oven for Gas Chromatograph

With the ability to utilize many different column types, inlets, and detectors, the GC-2014 is the ultimate standard for flexibility in packed GC or capillary GC analyses. Benchtop space is limited in the lab and the internal width of the column oven at 250mm gives a space large enough for multiple columns but keeps a small footprint. The GC top deck layout is optimized to maximize the number of inlets and detectors that can be installed while still allowing for easy column installation. Even multiple glass packed columns can be installed simultaneously with the thoughtful layout of inlets and detectors. The possibilities of customization become endless with the flexibility and durability of the GC-2014.


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