HS-10 Headspace Gas Chromatography (GC) Sampler

Headspace Autosampler for Routine, Simplified Analysis featuring the high quality and value you have come to know from Shimadzu Products.

Headspace Gas Chromatography - HS-10

The HS-10 is a static headspace autosampler equipped with advanced features such as a mixing function and the ability to heat-ahead sample vials waiting for analysis. This instrument is the perfect high value platform for routine analysis such as residual solvents in pharmaceutical samples and trace VOCs in wastewater.


Outstanding Reproducibility

Excellent area reproducibility can be obtained, thanks to the high-accuracy flow rate control of our state of the art electronic flow controllers (AFC and APC), and the thermostatic vial chamber with uniform temperature distribution.

HS-10 Headspace GC Sampler

The temperature in the thermostatic vial chamber is uniform; as a result, there is no variance in gas-liquid equilibrium with regard to intake position.

Reproducibility for 0.4 % Ethanol 2.0 %

Reproducibility for 0.4 % Ethanol 2.0 % (n = 10)

Overlap Analysis

During a GC analysis, the HS-10 will take the next vial and move it to the vial heater. There, it can incubate for a specified period of time and be ready for injection when the previous analysis cycle has ended.

mixing function for headspace gc hs-10

The HS-10 is equipped with the ability to mix each vial by shaking. This allows the headspace concentration within each sample to come to equilibrium sooner, ultimately saving time and increasing throughput.

mix each vial by shaking

Compatible with the LabSolutions Comprehensive Workstation

LabSolutions LC/GC software integrates the conventional programs LCsolution and GCsolution. With a user control function and an audit trail function for method parameters, LabSolutions can accommodate a variety of regulations, including directives related to FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Labsolutions Method Parameter Settings

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