SMV-301/301RT Mooney Viscometer

Designed with ease-of-use and safety at the forefront

SMV-301/301RT Mooney Viscometer


Complies with international standards

The SMV-301/301RT is designed to perform Mooney viscosity, minimum Mooney viscosity, and scorch time measurements as specified in ASTM, ISO, and JIS standards. Additionally, stress-relaxation, cyclic, and variable rotor speed measurements can also be performed with the SMV-301RT.

V-Groove Die



Windbreaker and rotor lifting feature provide ease-of-use, safety, and efficiency

The supplied windbreaker insulates the sample and testing surfaces from external disturbances that may affect experiments. Safety settings also prevent testing from starting until the windbreaker is closed to prevent exposure to hot surfaces and finger pinching from the rotor cover. Tests can be started at the touch of a button, making runs easy and efficient.


Upon finishing a test, the rotor must be cleaned to ensure that the next sample can be tested without contamination. The SMV-301/301RT rotor lifting function automatically lifts the rotor to allow for easy access and removal. Rotors are also treated to prevent samples from sticking to them, which makes cleaning easier.

Rotor Lifting Feature

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