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LabSolutions TM Software

Integrated software for LC, GC, LC/MS, and LC/MS/MS, LabSolutions features an innovative operating environment enabling more efficient workflows and enhanced functionality that provides complete data management to ensure secure information in networked laboratories. The full suite of software options allows users to obtain the data system best suited to their laboratory and objective. In addition, the family of LabSolutions software packages now encompasses UV-Vis, FTIR, ICP-MS, and more, allowing laboratories with a variety on instruments to manage data from multiple platforms with one C/S package.


Technical Report - Practical Procedures for Compliance with Data Integrity Requirements in Analytical Laboratories

Main Lineup

LabSolutions LC/GC – File Based Control and Analysis Software

labsolutions lc/gc informatics solution

Designed to improve software operation, LabSolutions LC/GC enables simultaneous control and analysis of up to four LC/GC systems and data for a more user-friendly environment. 


LabSolutions Database (DB) – Secure Data Management with a PC

labsolutions database - secure data management- informatics solution

LabSolutions DB is a SQL-based platform that integrates a data management function with LabSolutions LC/GC and is compliant with ER/ES Regulations. In addition to Shimadzu systems, other vendor’s HPLCs and GCs can also be controlled.


LabSolutions Client/Server (CS) – Network-based Data System

labsolutions client/server - network-based data system

Since all analytical data is managed in the database of a server computer, LabSolutions CS can read data from any personal computer on a network. In addition, analysis directions and instrument monitoring and control can be performed from a personal computer (client PC) not connected to the instruments. Furthermore, LabSolutions CS is compatible with Citrix XenApp and can perform advanced server management.

In addition to Shimadzu chromatography and LC-MS/MS systems, LabSolutions C/S enables management of data from spectroscopy instrumentation and other vendor’s HPLCs and GCs.


Common Features

Intuitive Operating Environment

LabSolutions enables operation of LC and GC systems from the same software, enabling simultaneous control of multiple instruments from a single PC. The shared LC and GC analysis operating environment lessens the training time for workstation operations.


Enhanced Security Functions

The reliability of data is paramount to any laboratory environment. The LabSolutions suite helps you achieve secure, verifiable data with a variety of key functions.

  • Allows setting up an audit trail to ensure the reliability of data and document e-mail transmission functions
  • Password-managed user accounts; passwords must meet specified requirements
  • Ability to set lockout functions to prevent illegal access, and set a registered user’s deletion and change
  • Setting to prevent overwriting a data file

LabSolutions LC/GC also incorporates the LabSolutions Direct, a remote access tool that enables control and monitoring of HPLCs from a commercially-available smartphone or tablet PC via a simple user interface.


Support Functions for CSV (IQ/OQ Validation)

With LabSolutions, Windows OS security patches and other PC and software installation information is integrated for display, and can be printed. In addition, LabSolutions security policy, numerical rounding settings, and other system information, as well as user information and equipment information, can be integrated for printing from a single window.


LabSolutions DB and CS Features

In addition to the list above, LabSolutions DB and CS provide users with more extensive functionality in order to serve laboratories with regulatory requirements or facilities with a large number of instruments and users.


Safe, Secure Data Management

With LabSolutions DB and CS, the analysis data is managed securely by the database. Overwriting, deletion and other mistakes typical of data file management do not occur. In addition, when postrun analysis is performed using the acquired data, postrun analysis data revision numbers are automatically assigned, preventing the accidental overwriting of raw data.


Data Integrity Compliance with Report Set

Data integrity is a constant and critical issue for any regulated laboratory. LabSolutions DB/CS version 6.50 or later includes a Report Set function that details software operations employed, while preserving the sophisticated security functions that protect the underlying data. It not only ensures the reliability of data and subsequent analyses, but it saves you time when checking your analysis results.


Multi-Data Report Creation

multi-data report creation function

Multi-data report creation functionality makes it possible to easily create reports using Microsoft Excel. The process can be coordinated with scheduled analyses, making it possible to quickly create reports when an analysis ends.


Project Management Function

This function enables equipment and user management, security policy, and data processing to be set on a project by project basis, thereby improving the efficiency of data searches and management tasks.

LabSolutions CS Features

LabSolutions CS provides integrated, server-based data management and expands on DB to meet the requirements on a variety of laboratories, including:

  • Facilities with a large number of instruments and users
  • Facilities interested in enhancing procedural efficiency
  • Facilities interested in enhancing managerial efficiency
  • Facilities where existing PCs can be used as client PCs

With LabSolutions CS, you can:

  • Check instrument operating status at a glance
  • Access equipment freely, from any location, while maintaining security, improving the efficiency of analysis status monitoring, report creation, and more
  • Quickly search an enormous amount of data
  • Integrate system information, including data and users, with a server, significantly reducing the time and effort required by an administrator

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