Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry

The ever-changing demands of each unique industry require not only the right people but also the best technology. Companies require speed, sensitivity, and the flexibility to adapt to meet the new challenges required by their customers. For years, Shimadzu has been known as the leader in liquid chromatography products; now Shimadzu is being recognized as the leading manufacturer for both single and triple quadrupole mass spectrometers. Shimadzu offers the world’s fastest LCMS instrumentation all without compromising sensitivity - no longer settle for anything less than the best.

Product Lineup: Triple Quadrupole LC-MS/MS Instruments

LCMS-8060 LC-MS/MS System

The LCMS-8060 has redefined LC-MS/MS detection limits and quantitative capabilities.

LCMS-8050 LC-MS/MS System

High-sensitivity LC-MS/MS incorporating Shimadzu’s patented ultrafast technologies offers excellent performance.

LCMS-8045 LC-MS/MS System

The triple quadrupole LCMS-8045 is the workhorse instrument in the Shimadzu LC-MS/MS lineup, designed to be analyzing samples around the clock.

LCMS-8040 LC-MS/MS System

An LC-MS/MS system redesigned for enhanced sensitivity for complex matrices and difficult analytes

Microflow LC-MS/MS

Nexera Mikros

The High Sensitivity you expect from a Low Flow System with the Ruggedness of HPLC covering the complete range from Micro to Semi-Micro

Single Quadrupole LCMS Instruments

LCMS-2020 Single Quadrupole Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (LC/MS)

A truly amazing single quadrupole mass spectrometer with unmatched sensitivity and speed.

Ultra-High Speed LCMS System for Multiplex Analysis

Nexera MX

Innovation in Multiplex Analysis

Time of Flight Instruments

LCMS-IT-TOF Mass Spectrometer

This uniquely designed Ion Trap – Time of Flight instrument offers high resolution and mass accuracy for MSn capabilities.

Additional LCMS Ion Sources

LDTD™ Ion Source Option for LCMS-8050/8060

Optional laser diode thermal desporption (LDTD) ion source for rapid sample analysis screening in less than 4 seconds.

Solution System Packages

Forensic Toxicology Database for LC-MS/MS

The Forensic Toxicology Database includes optimized LC-MS/MS data acquisition parameters and a library database to help both clinical and forensic researchers build screening and quantitation methods quickly, simplifying method development.

nSMOL Antibody BA Kit

nSMOL (nano-surface and molecular orientation limited proteolysis) is Shimadzu’s proprietary, innovative technique that enables selective proteolysis of the Fab region of monoclonal antibodies.

Method Package for Cell Culture Profiling

This culture medium analysis platform enables the simultaneous analysis of up to 95 components, the highest number of target analysis components that can be analyzed by such a platform.

LC/MS/MS Method Package for Aminoglycoside Antibiotics

This Method Package is a complete solution for the simultaneous quantitative analysis of all regulated aminoglycosides by HILIC/MS/MS.

Software for LCMS

A full software suite...

Shimadzu offers many different software platforms, from the main data acquisition and processing software known as LabSolutions to numerous overlay software programs designed to enhance the user experience for particular challenges like walkup solutions and clinical data review.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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