HPLC Column Ovens

Shimadzu has a new lineup of column ovens available for your laboratory. Please visit our HPLC/UHPLC Column Ovens page to learn more.

Shimadzu offers three different types of column ovens covering a wide range of applications. With both block-heating and forced air circulation designs, accurate column heating is achieved providing reproducible chromatography for high-throughput analysis.


CTO-20A/AC Column Oven

The CTO-20A and CTO-20AC are forced air circulation column ovens with a temperature range up to 85°C. A high-performance thermistor regulates the temperature for enhanced accuracy for achieving reproducible chromatography. The CTO-20AC is capable of sub-ambient cooling.


CTO-30A Column Oven

The CTO-30A is a compact block-heating column oven with a temperature range up to 150°C. This column oven uses an intelligent heat balance mechanism to achieve uniform temperature control for improved chromatography.


CTO-30AS Column Oven

The CTO-30AS is a small, single column oven that can be installed on the side of the SIL-30ACMP autosampler. This oven uses a block heating design (temperature range up to 85°C) and can be aligned with a detector inlet line to minimize peak dispersion for LCMS applications.

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