HPLC Detectors

Shimadzu has a new lineup of detectors available for your laboratory. Please visit our HPLC/UHPLC Detectors page to learn more.

UV-Vis Detectors

SPD-20A Detector

The SPD-20A and SPD-20AV are general-purpose UV-Vis detectors offering an exceptional level of sensitivity and stability. With improved light-source compensation and stray light correction, high sensitivity is achieved across an extremely broad linear range (2.5AU). A temperature controlled flow cell assists in reducing noise and allows for baseline stability.

Photodiode Array Detectors (M30A, M20A, 30AM)

SPD-M30A Detector

The SPD-M20A is a photodiode array detector (PDA) that achieves high sensitivity and superior linearity (2.0AU) due to improved light-source compensation and stray light correction. Two slit widths are available, 1.2nm for high-resolution work and 8nm for quantitative runs. Temperature controlled flow cells are standard to reduce noise and assist in baseline stability.

The SPD-M30A is a photodiode array detector (PDA) that uses a newly designed capillary cell to achieve ultra-low dispersion in UHPLC separations. This detector also supports high-sensitivity analysis due to the improved signal level and reduced noise level. Stray light compensation technology and temperature control functions allow for reliable analysis.

The SPD-30AM is a UHPLC multi-wavelength photodiode detector for high-speed multi-wavelength (up to 4 discrete channels) sampling. This detector was designed to satisfy demands for greater accuracy and sensitivity than a typical UV-Vis detector but with a flexible multi-wavelength design.

Refractive Index Detector

RID-20A Refractive Index Detector

The RID-20A is a high-performance, easy-to-use refractive index detector that offers excellent stability. A dual temperature control structure and an improved thermal design is adopted for the optical system to provide better baseline stability and a shorter initial stabilization time.

Fluorescence Detectors

RF-20A/RF-20Axs Fluorescence Detectors

The RF-20A and RF-20Axs are fluorescence detectors for UHPLC and HPLC separations with industry-leading sensitivity and fast sampling. These detectors offer superb ease-of-maintenance, thanks to cell and lamp replacements from the front panel with no additional position adjustment. The RF-20Axs also offers a temperature controlled flow cell with cooling functions allowing excellent peak area reproducibility with respect to room temperature fluctuations.

Evaporative Light Scattering Detector

ELSD-LT Detector

The ELSD-LT II is an evaporative light scattering detector using a unique nebulizer and evaporation tube to allow low-temperature operation. This universal detector is a powerful tool for the gradient analysis of compounds that cannot be analyzed using an absorbance detector.

Conductivity Detector

Conductivity Detector for Shimadzu

The CDD-10AVP is a conductivity detector applicable for ion chromatography or organic acid analyses. This detector offers low noise and low drift assurance with a wide dynamic range. High sensitivity is achieved even as a non-suppressed system which also allows for a high degree of versatility.

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