Nexera Sample Capacity

Nexera Sample Capacity

When a lab has many samples or has multiple analysts are using an HPLC, the autosampler fills up quickly.  Capital investment for additional instruments is cost prohibitive so any increase to capacity is a benefit to the user.

Shimadzu’s Nexera LC-40 offers two improvements to expand sample capacity and ease of use for in the lab.  The SIL-40 autosampler makes use of three independent sample plate positions that are formatted to accept both vials and MTPs.  Analysts can submit a total of 162 vials on three independent, removable plates without the risk of mixing up samples.

The SIL-40 autosampler is not limited to a single plate type.  A scanner reads each plate, allowing the instrument to recognize the format and adjust the needle position and depth on the fly.  This provides the analyst versatility in how sample are submitted for analysis.

If the autosampler does not provide enough capacity for a lab, the Nexera Plate Changer can be added to any SIL-40 autosampler to increase sample throughput.  With a small footprint but large capacity, each Plate Changer expands the instrument capacity by 14 MTP or 7 vial plates.  Up to three Plate Changers can be configured with each HPLC, providing a sample capacity of nearly 17,000 samples using 384-well MTPs.

Nexera system with plate changer

Contact Shimadzu to learn more about the sample capacity option of the Nexera LC-40!

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