Nexera HPLC/UHPLC Degasser - DGU-403/405

A properly degassed mobile phase enhances chromatographic performance. Shimadzu offers two high-quality degassing units for a variety of applications: the DGU-403 or DGU-405. Solvent degassing can significantly reduce the downtime caused by bubble formation in check valves and the flow cell of the detector, and assures injection volume reproducibility.

DGU-403/405 Features

The DGU-403 (with three channels) and DGU-405 (with five channels) are equipped with Teflon membranes in the vacuum chambers. The compact, low-volume design enhances the efficiency and performance of your HPLC system. The exact vacuum level can be displayed via software and pump display panel.


DGU-403/405 Specifications

  • 400 µL internal volume per channel
  • Power supplied from pumps
  • Vacuum level can be displayed on pump control panel or software
  • Maximum operating flowrate of 10 ml per minute

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