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Universal / Tensile Testing

Precision Universal Test Frames and Testing Accessories
Fatigue Testing

Fatigue Testing

Materials and parts can sometimes form cracks from repeated exposure to even small forces and, in the worst case, even completely fail. Therefore, for products that are exposed to repetitive loads, such as automobiles, mobile phones and other frequently handled items, and artificial bones and other biological materials or implants, it is essential that materials, parts, and finished products be evaluated by dynamic/fatigue testing and endurance/reliability testing.

Hardness Testing / Viscosity & Flow Testing

Shimadzu hardness testers are specifically designed for evaluation at the micro scale. Various solutions are available for applications such as micro hardness testing metal and ceramic parts, dynamic ultra micro hardness testing of vapor-deposited layers and soft materials, and micro compression testing of micro particles and fine fibers.

High-Speed Video Camera

Shimadzu Corporation's High-Speed Video Camera HyperVision HPV-X2 offers world-class ultra-high-speed video recording of up to ten million frames per second. The HPV-X permits recording of ultra-high-speed phenomena not previously possible in a wide variety of fields that require high-speed image capture, such as materials failure, fluid dynamics, combustion, and sports science.

Impact Testing

In recent years, plastic composite materials have come to be used as various structural strengthening parts, for example, in automobiles and aircraft. Shimadzu provides high-speed puncture and tensile testing machines.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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