System GC for Simulated Distillation

Shimadzu simulated distillation system

The Shimadzu simulated distillation system, consisting of a Nexis GC-2030 high-performance capillary gas chromatograph and LabSolutions simulated distillation GC analysis software, meets all applicable ASTM, ISO, EN, and JIS standards. With accurate and highly reproducible analysis of high-boiling components in crude oil samples up to 120 carbon number, it is the optimal system for product quality control and process management in petroleum refineries.

Simulated distillation GC analysis applies a gas chromatograph with a nonpolar column to the boiling-point distribution analysis of petroleum fractions, such as kerosene, diesel oil, and heavy oil. As each component elutes from the column in boiling-point order, the retention time – boiling point curve can be created by analyzing a mixture of hydrocarbons with known boiling points. Our fully integrated LabSolutions Simulated Distillation GC Analysis Software makes data analysis a breeze with simple reporting and multisample data comparison


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Custom Applications

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Custom Application Request

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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