System GC for Sulfurs in Natural Gas Analysis

Sulfurs present in natural gas and natural gas liquids are known catalyst poisons in the refining process and can cause excessive smog and SOx emissions when burned as a fuel . With increasing restrictions on the amount of allowable sulfur in fuels, a reliable, sensitive, and accurate sulfur analyzer is critical for any midstream testing lab. At Shimadzu we have combined our world class sulfur chemiluminescence detector (SCD) with our best in class GC-2030 gas chromatograph to deliver the ultimate solution for sulfur analyses in hydrocarbon streams by ASTM Method D5504.

Sulfur Standard Chromatogram

Natural Gas on FID Chromatogram


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Custom Applications

Custom GC Application Request Form

Custom Application Request

In addition to our full line of System GC Applications, Shimadzu can custom create a GC to meet your application needs. This request form works best in internet explorer.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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