System Gas Chromatography Valve Integration

Shimadzu offers a variety of valve boxes to meet your analytical needs. Valves can be mounted in either top mounted or side mounted valve boxes depending upon your analytical and benchtop needs. Shimadzu System GCs use industry standard Valco valves for premium performance and optimum longevity.

GC-2030 Valve Mounting  

GC-2014 Valve Mounting

Ambient Valve Mounting

Valve Materials of Construction

Nitronic 50:

  • Good resistance to chlorides, sulfuric acid, and sea water.
  • Resistant to sulfur gases such as hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide

Hastelloy C:

  • Recommended for corrosion resistance
  • Excellent resistance to most acids including formic acid, wet chlorine, and brine solutions

P Type:

  • Standard rotor
  • Composite of PTFE and carbon
  • Standard operation up to 175 C 400 psi

E Type:

  • Standard rotor
  • Composite of polyaryletherketone and PTFE
  • Standard operation up to 225 C 400 psi

T Type:

  • High temperature rotor
  • Composite of polyimide, PTFE, and carbonStandard operation up to 350 C 300 psi

Valve Actuators

Shimadzu System GCs use Valco microelectric actuators for dependability in a unit as small as an air actuator.

  • Stall sensing circuitry – eliminates problems associated with misalignment
  • No additional gas supply lines required
  • Less maintenance than air actuated valves
  • Universal actuators for simplified replacement

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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