EZ-SX Texture Analyzer

Quantitative Texture Analysis, a Powerful Supplement to Sensory Food Testing

EZ-SX Food Texture Analyzer

Testing Machine Configurator




Wide-Range of Texture Fixtures

The EZ-SX texture analyzer has a wide range of texture analysis fixtures, including compression, hardness, shear, Kramer shear, Warner-Bratzler shear, spreadability, puncture (Bloom value), Ottawa (forward and backward) extrusion, for testing the most demanding foods.

Software Screen

Texture Analysis Software

Texture properties such as hardness, cohesiveness, gumminess, and chewiness are easily selected from the interactive data processing screen.

Load Cell

High-Performance Load Cells

Load cells with ±0.5% accuracy over the wide range of 1/1 to 1/500 of the maximum capacity ensure highly repeatable and reliable results.

Fixture Platform

Flexible, Easy-to-Exchange Fixture Platform

The fixture platform enables quick setup and exchange between tests while doubling as a catch basin.

EZ-X Ergonomics

Compact and Ergonomic

The EZ-X series’ small footprint is ideal for labs with limited bench space. The open-column design provides easy access to the test frame, making fixture and sample exchange convenient.

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