1 kN Capstan Grips for Yarn and Wire

1 kN Capstan Grips for Yarn and Wire

Shimadzu’s 1 kN manual capstan grips are ideal for testing yarns and metal wires less than 3 mm (0.12 in) in diameter. The grips are easily operated by a cam lever and secure specimens firmly. The bollard and counterweight promote proper sample failure between the grips by gradually reducing clamping stress and inertial effects. The ease-of-use and simple design make the 1 kN capstan grips a great choice for anyone testing yarns and wires.


Relevant Materials

Yarn, Metals


Relevant Specimens

Cord, Wire


Specimens are threaded around the bollard and through the open front of the grip faces. The operating lever is used to close the grip faces and, during testing, a tensile force is applied along the capstan surface. A counterweight on the upper grip can be adjusted to maintain alignment and reduce inertial effects.


Maximum Grip Capacity Applicable Specimen Thickness Grip Face Width Temperature Range Grip Size Upper Grip Weight Ø Upper Grip Fitting (Ø pin)
Ø Lower Grip Fitting (Ø pin)
Upper / Lower
kN kgf lbf mm (in) mm (in) °C (°F) mm (in) mm (in) kg (lb) mm mm
1 100 220 0 to 3
(0 to 0.12)
-70 to 250
(-94 to 482)
118 / 106
(4.6 / 4.2)

Dimensions of 1 kN Capstan Grips for Yarn and Wire


Ordering Information

Part Number Description

1 kN capstan grips for yarn
Includes: upper and lower 1 kN capstan grips for yarn with flat grip faces

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