Focused on Clinical Research

Shimadzu Journal
Vol.2, Issue2-April 2014
Clinical Research
[Insight from a customer]
Dr. Michelle McIntosh of Monash University, Melbourne, Australia (Page 62-63)
Dr. Paul Wynne from Shimadzu Australia spoke with Dr. Michelle McIntosh, Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Science (MIPS) in Melbourne, Australia, about her work in drug metabolism and disposition.
[Drug Metabolism]
The Oxytocin Revolution - Saving lives of mothers after childbirths in the third world - (Page 64-65)
Dr. Michelle McIntosh of the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and her team describe their efforts to prevent women in developing countries from Postpartum haemorrhage (PPH), the fatal loss of blood after childbirth.
[New Technology]
The significance of microscopic mass spectrometry with high resolution in the visualization of drug distribution (Page 66-71)
The visualization and quantitative analysis of native drug distribution in a pre-clinical or clinical setting are desirable for evaluating drug effects and optimizing drug design. Here, using matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization imaging mass spectrometry (MALDI-IMS) with enhanced resolution and sensitivity, we compared the distribution of a paclitaxel (PTX)-incorporating micelle (NK105) with that of PTX alone after injection into tumor-bearing mice.
Shimadzu Selection (Page 72-73)
These are articles selected by Shimadzu. They derive from application notes relating to Clinical Research and feature a variety of instruments we produce. Cutting-edge technologies are also included. Please obtain the articles of your interest via the links on the titles.
[New Technology]
Paradigm Shift in Cancer Diagnosis: Basics and Algorithm (Page 74)
PESI-MS is an innovative new technique to diagnose diseases, particularly cancer, based on single quadrupole LC-MS.This article overviews the gadgetry, elementary techniques and resources.
[Latest News]
Shimadzu Opens New Quality Center (Page 75)
In an effort to improve the quality of products, Shimadzu has opened its new Quality Center at its head office premises in Japan.
[Latest News]
Shimadzu Registers HPLC and LC-MS Instruments as Class I Medical Devices with Food and Drug Administration (Page 76)
In response to a growing need for analytical measurement in healthcare applications, Shimadzu Corporation, Japan, has registered several of the company’s HPLC and LC-MS as Class I medical devices with the Food and Drug Administration.
[Latest News]
Shimadzu Welcomes and Trains Two Vietnam National University Lecturers (Page 76)
This training was conducted under the Shimadzu-A.Nakamoto Scholarship program as part of activities to assist human resource development that started after Shimadzu's President, Akira Nakamoto, received an honorary doctorate from VNU.
[New Products]
LC/MS/MS Solution System Packages, Crude 2 Pure, SPM-8000FM (Page 77)