Webinar - Applications of Py-GC/MS in the Tire Industry


Title: Applications of Py-GC/MS in the Tire Industry

Duration: 1 Hour 3 minutes

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Passenger and commercial vehicle tires are a complex materials technology that may include ten or more distinct layered rubber compounds each formulated to provide different physical and chemical properties based on application and end use.  These compounds are engineered to meet specific metrics related to weight, rolling resistance, and wet traction so as to comply with strict fuel economy and road safety regulations.  Therefore, information obtained for the purposes of reverse engineering and materials analysis is of great value to tire chemists especially in the case of failure investigation. 

Each rubber material is composed of numerous chemical components such as small molecular compounds (plasticizer oils, anti-degradants, and curatives), oligomers and polymers (reinforcing resins, rubber, and rubber blends), and inorganic fillers (carbon black, silica, clay, etc.).  Because these materials are complex and generally vulcanized analysis can be time consuming and difficult.  Py-GC/MS is a simple and effective method to quickly break down materials for whole sample analysis.  This presentation examines the use of double shot Py-GC/MS in the tire industry for materials characterization and formula reconstruction as compared to traditional methods.