Webinar - Helium: Save it or Swap it (Part 1 - GC)


Title: Helium: Save it or Swap it (Part 1 - GC)

Duration: 42 minutes

Available On Demand



The price of helium is soaring and deliveries can be erratic! Learn how to save time and money in your lab by reducing helium consumption or swapping it for a different carrier gas entirely! This on-demand webinar covers:

  • How to reduce helium carrier gas consumption by 90%
  • How software can automate shutdown and start-up to save gas and power consumption
  • Solutions for making it safer to operate with H2 carrier gas
  • How you can reduce analysis times by 50% by switching to H2 carrier gas

Part 2 looks at conserving helium, or switching to hydrogen or nitrogen, for GCMS systems.