Webinar - Helium: Save it or Swap it (Part 2 - GCMS)


Title: Helium: Save it or Swap it (Part 2 - GCMS)

Duration: 45 minutes

Available On Demand



​The price of helium is soaring and deliveries can be erratic. Learn how to save time and money in your lab by reducing your GCMS system's helium consumption or swapping your GCMS carrier gas to hydrogen or nitrogen! This webinar will cover:

  • How to reduce carrier gas consumption by 80% and standby power consumption by 40%.
  • The key considerations when switching to H2 or N2 for GCMS: Safety, Sensitivity, Spectral quality & Speed!
  • Information on how Peak Scientific's range of generators for GC & GCMS can improve your lab safety and reduce running costs. We recommend watching Part 1 before viewing this session.