Shimadzu Nexera Series UHPLC - An Overview

A Trusted Legacy

How did we get here?

The new Nexera series builds on Shimadzu’s legacy of ruggedness, reliability and proven performance in HPLC/UHPLC since 1978. Shimadzu has earned the reputation as the most trusted name in LC.



Most Trusted Name in LC

Shimadzu liquid chromatographs are the most requested front ends for LCMS systems around the world. Shimadzu front ends allow you to get the most from your mass spectrometer, all day, every day.


  • hplc-with-lcms-8060nx
    • Dependable
    • Repeatable Results
    • Accurate Flows
    • Accurate Gradients
    • Low Pulsation
    • Low Carryover


Shimadzu pumps are known for their:



Shimadzu Autosamplers are known for their:



Shimadzu Detectors are known for their:

For difficult to separate analytes, LabSolutions software boasts the i-PDeA –peak deconvolution based on spectral differences.





New Benchmarks in HPLC

Mobile Phase Monitor – Intelligence Maximizing Reliability

Let's talk HPLC. We have all dne it - start a batch of runs but forget to check the mobilep phase! We have to...

  • Stop the batch
  • Replenish the mobile phase
  • Purge-prime mobile phase lines
  • Test the chromatography
  • Re-run wasted samples


The new Nexera series monitors solvents gravimetrically and warns you if you don’t have enough mobile phase to complete the batch.

Mobile phase monitor

Auto-Diagnostic and Recovery

The name of the game in HPLC is repeatability. Flow anomalies can interfere with the chromatography and stand in the way of repeatable results. Air bubbles can create such flow anomalies.


  • Evaluate the results
  • Stop the batch
  • Apply a corrective pump purge
  • Re-equilibrate the system
  • Restart the batch


Nexera looks for evidence of flow anomalies. If indicated, it pauses the batch, applies a corrective purge, then restarts the batch –all automatically.



Auto-diagnostic/Auto-recovery = Maximum Up-Time

Let's do a deep dive


So what is going on here?

This is an example of Analytical Intelligence. Nexera is constantly in a process of self-diagnosis. If it detects the presence of air bubbles, it pauses the current batch in LabSolutions. Next, it automatically starts a line purge on all solvent lines as a corrective action. It attempts to re-equilibrate and then restart the batch. Again, if air is indicated, the batch pauses, and so on…

Self diagnosis followed by corrective action



One-Click Standby Mode

The new Nexera systems offer:

  • One click Standby mode - Energy consumption reduced by 81%
  • Intelligent system start-up to optimize routine analysis

With one click, you can get your UHPLC ready to run samples while you go about other business.


Smart-Flow Control

HPLC columns can be damaged by sudden pump starts and stops as well as extreme gradient changes, especially with polymeric packings.


The Nexera series automatically uses Smart Flow Control, ramping the flow rate gradually to the set point according to the status of the column oven.



A New Benchmark of Efficiency

Efficency Equals Productivity


Waiting for the autosampler to cool to sub-ambient temps wastes time. Nexera systems cool samples quickly, going from ambient to 5 ˚C in 20 min (10 min faster than other instruments).


We all have to add more samples for analysis during the day. Each time, the system has to recover its set temp, a big waste of time. Nexera systems do this 10 min faster than other instruments.


True Benefit

The true benefit of fast UHPLC separations cannot be realized if you have to wait for the autosampler to prepare the next sample injection.


9 seconds of savings

Shimadzu continues to lead the industry in efficiency and performance with the new Nexera. Injection to injection cycle times are 9 sec, six seconds faster than other systems for time savings all day long.





Traditionally, analysts had to carry out tedious manual derivatization steps themselves.

Example:   Pre-column derivatization of amino acids.

Nexera’s exclusive Co-Injection automation can be used to perform derivatization within the sample loop before injection.



Mismatch between the sample matrix and mobile phase conditions can lead to poor peak shapes and critical loss of resolution.

Nexera offers the innovative, Co-Injection. This easy-to-program automation yields excellent peak shapes by injecting a weaker solvent along with the sample.



Dual Injection System

Imagine doing twice the amount of work in the same amount of time, effortlessly. Nexera can do two sample injections at the same time into independent flow channels. This is multiplexing made easy. Exclusive to Shimadzu, results can be summarized in a single report.



Efficency Saves Time


Instrument and Operational Qualification can be tedious and time consuming.

The new Nexera Systems offer automatic IQOQ operation including double digital signature security level and electronic delivery of IQOQ reports

A New Benchmark of Design

Design Impacts Space Allocation


Bench space is priceless. A thoughtful design pays attention to lab footprint.  The new Nexera Systems are the smallest in the industry.


Design Impacts Productivity


Reduced footprint is only one side of the coin. What about sample capacity?

A plate changer expands the autosampler capacity.


A Truly Useful Column Management Device

Design Impacts Data Integrity


In the spirit of true Data Integrity, the new column management devices (CMD) catalog a history of column performance.

Along with number of injections, critical performance parameters can be monitored to chart column health.

Make informed decisions and generate reports of column performance history.



An Intuitive and Interactive Touch Screen Controller

Design Impacts User Experience

Elegant design means thoughtful attention to the user’s experience. Nexera’s System Controller is based on the popular i-Series LCD touch screen for intuitive touch-control over system parameters.






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