Ensuring Data Accuracy and Reliability with Smart Flow Control

This intelligent start up feature helps protect expensive analytical columns and ensures you get accurate, reliable results you can trust. This feature is crucial to extend the life of your columns. In addition, it helps prevent expensive downtime, ensure data quality and there’s no need to create startup protocols for each analysis. The Nexera provides the highest level of data quality by providing a new approach to flow control. 


Real-Time Mobile Phase Monitoring with the Nexera UHPLC Series

Need a faster, better and more effective way to monitor mobile phase levels? Shimadzu’s Nexera UHPLC series enables real-time monitoring of mobile phase levels to ensure maximum equipment uptime. It monitors solvents gravimetrically and notifies you if there isn’t enough mobile phase to complete analysis. Reservoir tray weight sensors can be used to monitor the volume of mobile phase or auto-sampler rinse solution in up to 12 containers. And the containers can be checked from a mobile device. So there’s no need to go to a lab to check the mobile phase levels.


Enhancing Lab Performance with Nexera Auto-Recovery & Auto-Diagnostic Features

The Nexera series enables rapid, reliable detection of many flow anomalies to help you minimize downtime and speed up analysis. Auto-diagnostic and auto-recovery functions prevent data loss and wasted samples by automatically detecting abnormal pressure fluctuations. If the system detects an unusual fluctuation, it automatically pauses the batch, purges the flow path and restarts the analysis once it has confirmed recovery to normal pressure. All steps are performed automatically without human intervention, helping you improve overall workflow efficiency.


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