Shimadzu provides PM and scheduled maintenance as well as on-demand repair service for HPLC from other manufacturers.

1. For all Shimadzu instruments

1) On-site service for just-in-time repair work
Skilled engineers are stationed at customer site to provide just-in-time repair work.

2) High quality PM work
All Shimadzu instruments are inspected and maintained in good operating condition.

2. For HPLC from other vendors

1) Scheduled maintenance by HPLC service specialist
Instrument conditions are monitored and consumable parts proactively replaced in order to minimize unexpected instrument breakdown.

2) PM Scheduling
The engineers stationed plan the inspection and maintenance schedule.

3) Universal OQ for pharmaceutical customers
Shimadzu provides universal OQ for major HPLC instruments from other vendors. Customers no longer need to tackle different OQ procedures and documents.

*Availability depends on countries and areas.