Reducing Consumption During Analysis (Carrier Gas Saver Mode)

For split analysis, a large split ratio does not need to be maintained after the sample enters the column. The following describes the carrier gas saver mode, which reduces gas consumption by changing the split ratio after the sample enters the column.

Carrier Gas Saver Mode

The carrier gas saver function can be used to reduce the split flowrate at a specified time after analysis starts until the next analysis starts.

Systems equipped standard with the carrier gas saver mode: GCMS-TQ series, GCMS-QP2020/QP2010 series


Reduces the split flowrate from 200 mL to 20 mL one minute after the sample is injected. By also using an auto injector, the split flowrate can be kept at the saver level from after analysis ends until analysis starts the next day. Given the following conditions, the saver mode reduces helium consumption per analysis by about 83 %.
Analysis time: 30 min
Split ratio: 100
Carrier gas saver function: Split ratio of 10 after one minute

Specify a split ratio setting during the carrier gas saver mode that results in a total flowrate of at least 20 mL/min (at least 30 mL/min, if possible).

Reduction in carrier gas consumption during analysis standby and after completion of analysis (ecology mode and shutdown method)

Helium gas is still consumed after analysis is complete. When the ecology mode or the shutdown method is used, the quantity consumed can be reduced.

When the model used is
GCMS-TQ Series, GCMS-QP2020, GCMS-QP2010 Ultra/SE → 1. Ecology mode
GCMS-QP2010 Plus, PARVUM2(GCMS-QP2010S), GCMS-QP2010 → 2. Shutdown method

1. Ecology Mode (GCMS-TQ Series, GCMS-QP2020, GCMS-QP2010 Ultra/SE)

The ecology mode is offered as standard with the GCMS-TQ Series, GCMS-QP2020 and GCMS-QP2010 Ultra/SE models to reduce unnecessary gas and electricity consumption during analysis standby and after continuous analysis is complete.

2. Shutdown Method (GCMS-QP2010 Plus, PARVUM2(GCMS-QP2010S), GCMS-QP2010)

While the GCMS-QP2010 Plus, PARVUM2(GCMS-QP2010S), and GCMS-QP2010 do not offer the ecology mode, a shutdown method can be set to reduce the helium gas consumption in virtually the same way as the ecology mode does.

ECO Simulation Calculates the Savings

The actual helium gas savings will differ according to the operation environment (analysis conditions) used by the customer. ECO Simulation can be used to calculate the effects of the ecology mode. It accurately determines the results achieved by the ecology mode in a customer's laboratory based on specified conditions.

Ecology simulation