If the automatic shutdown function is used to shut off the gas flow after analysis, gas savings can be achieved while the GC unit is not in use. If automatic startup is specified, then the GC unit is automatically restored to the standby mode at the scheduled time for the next analysis.



How to Operate the Automatic Startup/Shutdown Functions

The following describes how to operate the automatic startup and automatic shutdown functions.

Method programs (such as oven temperature programs) are not executed during startup/shutdown.

1) Specifying Settings in Advance

Specify the following parameter settings in configuration settings.

Setting example

Parameter Action Description Example
STOP TIME Stop Sets the time length from starting the stop process to ending the temperature-control process. 0.0 min
FLOW OFF TIME Stop Sets the time length after temperature/detector control ends until gas control ends.
Specify a value that provides plenty of time for the injection unit and detector temperature to decrease below 50 °C.
* Gas will keep flowing if the checkbox is cleared.
40.0 to 60.0 min
Automatic Sleep Stop If selected, the system is automatically switched to the sleep mode after an elapsed time specified in [FLOW OFF TIME]. ON
START TIME Startup Sets the time length after starting gas control before temperature/detector control is started.
Specify a value that provides plenty of time for purging the column with carrier gas.
10.0 min
(for purging with carrier gas)
Detector Startup Enables registered online detectors for analysis when the GC unit is started up. ON

* The automatic sleep function is only included in GC-2030 models.

Illustration of Actions for Respective Functions

2) Starting Batch Analysis

Start batch analyses as follows.

3) Setting a Shutdown Procedure

iconClick the icon or [Instrument]-[Shutdown] to open the window and then click [OK].

* This setting is generally unnecessary, because appropriate GC startup/shutdown parameter settings are already specified in configuration settings.


4) Setting a Startup Procedure

iconClick the icon or [Instrument]-[Startup] to open the window and specify startup settings.

Parameter Description Example
Start Date/Time Specifies the date and time to execute the startup process. Tomorrow at 8:00 AM
Method Files Specifies the method to download during startup. Column conditioning settings, etc.

When all settings are specified, a batch queue like the following is created.