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Webinar Schedule

NIST Hemp/Marijuana Webinar

Date/Time Title Speaker
June 02
03:00 PM CDT
NIST Tools for Confidently Distinguishing Between Hemp and Marijuana Walter Brent Wilson Research Chemist, (NIST)

Melissa M. Phillips Research Chemist, (NIST)

Abstract: This webinar will focus on the analytical methods and procedures being developed at NIST for accurately measuring cannabinoids (THC, THCA, CBD, etc.) in Cannabis samples and the solutions provided by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments.​ 

LC-MS/MS Triple Quadrupole Webinar

Date/Time Title Speaker
June 03
03:00 PM CDT
Shimadzu ‘Reboots’ LC-MS/MS triple quadrupole technologies and capabilities at ASMS 2020; we have something new to talk about.. Chris Gilles, LCMS Product Manager, Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

Abstract: The webinar will walk through how the new IonFocus system can make a real difference to LC-MS/MS workflows and headline new software capabilities in making data review easier and quicker. Find out how this next step in LC-MS/MS could make a real difference to your lab. ​ 

Pyrolysis-GCMS Webinar

Date/Time Title Speaker
June 04
03:00 PM CDT
Pyrolysis-GCMS: The Power of Mass Spectrometry for Unveiling Plastic Contamination in the Environment Kevin Thomas, Director / Professor, University of Queensland

John Scott, Senior Chemist, University of Illinois

Abstract: In this webinar, our two speakers will discuss the suitability of pyrolysis coupled with gas chromatography mass spectrometry for assessing the fate of microplastics in the environment. They will also present examples of how they have applied Py-GCMS for studying these contaminants in water, biosolids and seafood samples, among others. ​ 

MALDI Webinar

Date/Time Title Speaker
June 09
09:00 AM CDT
Mapping Uncharted Territory: MALDI-imaging of Lipids in Tissues José A. Fernández, Professor, Universidad del País Vasco

Abstract: In this webinar we will summarize how a MALDI-Imaging experiment is performed and which are the most critical steps to successfully run the experiment. We will also offer a practical example, in which the changes in the lipidome of human colon in the context of inflammatory bowel disease are studied. ​ 

History of Mass Spectrometry

The year 2020 marks 50 years since the release of Shimadzu's first mass spectrometry device, the LKB-9000. Over the past half century, our passion for innovation has led to multiple ground-breaking developments in MS technology. Look back with us on our historic 50 years of MS, read along with the researchers on the cutting edge and learn more about the future of mass spectrometry.


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