ASMS 2021 - Posters and Presentations


Session Number Title
Environmental: General  TP 094 A highly sensitive method for determination of Ethanolamine in water as per ASTM D-7599 by LCMS-8045
Environmental: General TP 101 Simultaneous LC-MS/MS Analysis of Haloacetic Acids, Bromate, Chlorate, and Dalapon in Water Samples
Toxicology TP 349 Forensic and toxicology screening in human blood using a quadrupole-time of flight (QTOF) mass spectrometer and data independent acquisition (DIA)
Toxicology TP 350 Next Generation LCMS Multiplexing Platform for High Throughput Assays with Advanced Analytical Intelligence
Instrumentation: New Developments in Ion Detection  WP 128 CDMS mode of FTMS Orbital Frequency Analyser
LC/MS: Chromatography and Software
WP 202 Next Generation LCMS Multiplexing Software for R&D and Production Laboratories
Screening for Xenobiotics in Postmortem Biological Samples using High Resolution Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry with Insight Explore Software
Informatics: Workflow and Data Management ThP 147 Digital Transformation of the Mass Spectrometry Laboratory
Clinical Analysis FP 092 Fast Profiling of 39 Bile Acids in Plasma, Urine and Feces, by Automated Extraction and LC/MS/MS
Clinical Analysis FP 096 Reducing the False Positive of Isovaleric Acidemia in Newborn Screening using Flow Injection Analysis-Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Data-Independent Acquisition FP 106 Comprehensive drug screening in whole blood using iDIA mode utilizing the combination of probe ESI and quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometer
Drug and Metabolite Analysis FP 132 Analysis of Favipiravir in human plasma using fully automated sample preparation LC/MS/MS system
Drug and Metabolite Analysis FP 133 Simultaneous analysis of remdesivir and its metabolite in human plasma using fully automated sample preparation LC/MS/MS system
Drug and Metabolite Analysis FP 134 An evaluation of rapid method for simultaneous analysis of ciclesonide and its impurities in an inhaler using online SFE-SFC-QTOFMS
Drug and Metabolite Analysis FP 134.5 Got DMF? Chromatographic separation and identification of NDMA and DMF using LCMS-9030
Environmental: General FP 159 LC-MS/MS Detection and Quantitation of 6-PPD-Quinone in river water and local stream matrix
Environmental: Pharmaceuticals and Pesticides FP 170 Identifying the impact of a pandemic on pharmaceutical river contamination by LC-MS/MS
Environmental: Pharmaceuticals and Pesticides FP 171 Water analysis platform: LC/MS/MS screening of 325 PPCP contaminants in tap and surface water
Food Safety & Chemistry: Foodomics, Allergens, Bacteria, Foods, and Supplements FP 189 Milk metabolite phenotyping profiling of bovine, ovine, buffalo, caprine and donkey by LC-MS/MS QTOF analysis
Food Safety: General FP 198 A Water Analysis Platform Pesticides and PPCPs: LC-MS/MS screening of more than 400 pesticides in drinking Water
Food Safety: General FP 200 Highly sensitive simultaneous analysis of tetracyclines and β-lactams antibiotics in edible meat by LC/MS/MS
Food Safety: General FP 201 Multiresidue analysis of pesticidesin Milk by GCMS/MS using QuEChERS’ extraction method
Food Safety: General FP 202 Estimation of Iodine in different types of biscuits using Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICPMS)
Food Safety: General FP 204 Method for determination of residual pesticides in black tea using LCMS-8045
Forensics FP 220 Rapid qualitative screening and quantitative analysis using probe ESI unit and UHPLC system combined with quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometer
Forensics FP 221 Multi-Target Screening and Quantitative Method Validation of 24 Drugs in Synthetic Urine Using Automated Sample Preparation Coupled Directly to LC-MS/MS
GC/MS: Instrumentation and Applications FP 252 Simple and Accurate Analysis of Extractables from Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials using Headspace GC-MS and Special Mass Spectral Library for Additives
GC/MS: Instrumentation and Applications FP 259 Quantitation of Nitrosamines in Metformin Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) using static and dynamic headspace GCMS/MS
Imaging MS: Instrumentation FP 308 Imaging Capabilities of a Low-Cost Benchtop MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer
Instrumentation: New Developments in Mass Analyzers FP 410 Experimental Studies of a Novel Multi-turn Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer and Its Applications for High Mass Molecules
LC/MS: General FP 465 Enhancing the data quality by high-speed analysis on a single quadrupole mass spectrometer
Lipids: Profile Analysis FP 498 Targeted LC-MS/MS profiling for the identification of the key enzymes involved in lysophosphatidic acid metabolism
Lipids: Targeted and Quantitative Analysis FP 505 Development of an analytical method for human blood triglycerides using triple quadrupole mass spectrometer
Lipids: Targeted and Quantitative Analysis FP 506 Comparison of quantitative eicosanoids profiling in human plasma and serum by ultra-fast multiple reaction monitoring
MALDI: Applications FP 510 Spatial information analysis using a desktop size MALDI Digital Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer based on MS imaging information
MALDI: Applications FP 515 Quick Detection and Confirmation of Pigments in Cosmetics by MALDI-MS and high-energy MALDI-MS/MS analyses
Metabolomics: Clinical Applications  FP 520 Ethanol-induced metabolomic differences in the Gut-Liver-Pancreas Axis
Metabolomics: Clinical Applications  FP 521 Characterising the impact of delivery mode on the biochemical signatures of neonatal brain cortex in mice using LC-MS/MS
Peptides: Targeted and Quantitative Analysis  FP 605 Selective and sensitive method for estimation of liraglutide in human plasma using LCMS-8060
Polymers FP 623 Profiling of Epoxidized Soybean oil in PVC using a linear benchtop MALDI-TOF MS
Polymers FP 624 Investigation of Marine Degradation Characteristics of Bioplastics using MALDI-TOFMS and MALDI-DITMS
Protein Therapeutics: Quantitative Analysis  FP 635 Simultaneous estimation of Insulin glargine and its excipients in formulation using LC-UV-MS/MS
Proteomics: Clinical Applications FP 676 Identification of proteins and lipids found in varying abundances in pre- and post-operative cancer patients using a MALDI-TOF-MSMS approach
Small Molecules: Quantitative Analysis  FP 746 Quantitation of NDMA, NMBA, NDEA, NEIPA, NDPA, NDIPA, NMPA and NDBA in 12 different solvents by LC-MS/MS system

Oral Sessions

Separation of Four Tetrahydrocannabinol Isomers:Δ6a/10aΔ8Δ9, andΔ10 on a Single Quad LCMS


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