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Rapid determination of food texture properties: Hardness, Adhesiveness, Cohesiveness, Brittleness, Elastic quality, Gumminess and Chewiness

The texture of food, including the sense of crispness, springiness, firmness, and the feeling on the tongue, is an important element that together with taste has an impact on the deliciousness of food. Food texture is normally evaluated using sensory tests. However, sensory tests are often difficult to reproduce, due to individual differences in people's sensations and physical condition. Shimadzu's texture analyzer supplements sensory tests, and is used as a method for obtaining objective results in the form of numerical values for use in the field of food development.

EZ Test Food Texture Analyzer: Creating Culinary Science


Food texture is the sense of touch when food is handled, the visual sense recorded by eye, the oral touch sensation and palatability. Physical evaluation testing is now required in more fields than ever before. EZ Test testers offer an ample selection of specialized jigs and applications to support a wide variety of customer requirements.

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Study the properties of a chickpea-based jelly product

Study the properties of a chickpea-based jelly product Elena Molchanova, Marya Shipareva, Tatyana Evmeshkina, Ismoil Isabayev E3S Web Conf. 285 05010 (2021) DOI: 10.1051/e3sconf/202128505010