Flavor analysis

Flavor analysis

Flavor compounds consist of aroma and taste and they are the major factors influencing consumer's perception of the quality of food and beverage. Sensory test is helpful to obtain the information of flavor compounds in products. It is a comprehensive evaluation of aroma based on indicators such as the quality and strength of the aroma obtained by sniffing with the human nose. The gas chromatograph mass spectrometer (GCMS), which has excellent qualitative analysis capabilities, is also used in analyses of the aroma components in foods and beverages. There are various sampling methods for aroma components. Aroma components can be classified into top note, middle note and base note according to the volatility of the compound. All types of components affect the composition of flavor. It is necessary to select the most suitable sampling method according to the demands, such as trace level analysis and automation.

Aroma Analysis




Off-Flavor Analysis