Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition

With increased emphasis on health and wellness, food and nutrition has become one of the key elements in achieving these health goals. Food, be it fresh or processed (e.g. canned, instant, ready-to-eat, frozen and fast food), has become an integral part of our life. Consumers are concerned of the nutritional values they get and would want to know what is exactly in foods that they consume.
Additives and preservatives are commonly added in processed food to increase the shelf-life and nutrient content and enhance their appeal to consumers. Regulations and guidelines, consisting of a list of permitted types and quantity of additives in food, are established to ensure the safety and quality of food. Manufacturers would need to quantify the major components and additives and satisfy the requirements on food labels.
Health products and supplements are also gaining attention for its efficacy (in term of active ingredients), safety and quality. In all, compositional analysis of food is essential and could provide more insights on food and nutrition.





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