Food Contact Materials (FCM)

Food Contact Materials (FCM)

Food contact materials (FCMs) are everything that is in contact with food and this covers utensils, packaging, kitchenware, and even machineries. The materials used in FCMs have expanded from the usual glass, metal, paper, and wood, to different forms of plastic and synthetic polymers such as Styrofoam and shrink-wrap. Such materials are produced to accommodate the rise of our convenience food lifestyle. Stain-resistant coating, which uses the toxic per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), could also be found in FCMs.
Lately, with the hype of using recycled materials and biodegradables for more eco-friendly and sustainable food packaging, new innovative materials and composites have been introduced into the scene. For food safety, the development, quality, and functionality of these FCMs need to be investigated in detail prior to use. Additionally, the concern of extractable and leachable chemicals from these FCMs, their possible migration to food, and potential toxicity to human health have raised several concerns.

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