Metabolites in biological samples are widely involved in the flavor and aroma of food products. Accordingly, metabolome analysis methods, which provide a comprehensive analysis of metabolites, are being actively applied to research and development of food products, for such applications as analyzing taste components and determining the stability of the quality of fermented foods. The wide target quantitative metabolome analysis approach combines a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer (GC-MS/MS, LC-MS/MS), which provides excellent separation, quantitation, and stability, with a database for primary metabolite analysis. This approach is used in the field of food development as an efficient and effective method of searching for taste components.



Database for Primary Metabolite Analysis

GC/MS Database—Smart Metabolites Database

Registered Compounds Derivatization Method Measurement Method Number of Compounds Registered
Organic acids,
fatty acids, amino acids, sugars, etc.
TMS Scan 568
MRM 475
Fatty acids Methylation Scan 50
MRM 50
Amino acids EZ:faast Scan 33

LC/MS Database—LC/MS/MS Method Package Ver. 2

Registered Compounds Method Number of Compounds Registered
Metabolites, amino acids, nucleotides, etc.
in the major metabolic pathways
Ion pair reagent used 55
Amino acids, organic acids, bases, etc. PFPP columns used 97

Example of a Food Metabolomics Application

Item Target Component Sample
Deliciousness Taste Components Primary metabolites and dipeptides Liquors, beverages,fermented food products,agricultural crops
Odor Volatile components
Functionality Functional Components Secondary metabolites Agricultural crops, fermented foods,
herbal medicines
Effects of Components Primary metabolites Blood, urine, cells
Quality and Productivity Fermented and Brewed Products Primary metabolites Fermented food products
Plant Breeding (Agricultural Crops) Primary metabolites, phytohormones Agricultural crops
Distribution and Storage
Degradation of Components
(Mislabeled Food Products, Distribution, Storage Quality)
Volatile components,
primary metabolites
Agricultural crops, food products