In a typical drug development cycle, the number of candidates that need to be tested in early stages can be into the thousands. The ability to quickly determine the active members of a drug class under investigation can have a great effect on the time spent in development. Having the right tools to select hits and eliminate misses can save days, weeks or even months in the effort to deliver new therapeutics.

Shimadzu is known for providing rugged, clean, and fast autosampler solutions for even the most demanding UHPLC and SFC analysis. The Nexera series of UHPLC/HPLC solutions continues the history of innovation that Shimadzu brings to chromatography sampling. No matter the scale of your throughput needs, we have an autosampler solution to fit your LC or LC-MS workflow. Our Nexera Plate Changer has the flexibility to accommodate up to 14 micro-titer plates (MTP) per unit, with up to three units being connected to a single autosampler for an amazing 44-plate total capacity. Other solutions, such as our multi-plate autosampler, and the ability to perform multiple injections in a single experimental run (MISER), give you flexible options to achieve injection-to-injection times as low as 14 seconds.


With the launch of the Nexera QX, Shimadzu now offers a fully functional multi-channel LC-MS/MS multiplexing solution. To provide the ultimate in mass spectrometry throughput, we have designed a comprehensive hardware and software solution that offers advanced queue management, smart automation of carryover mitigation, and the new IonFocus electrospray probe that maximizes up time.

Featured Solutions


Ultrafast Multiplex LCMS System - Nexera QX


The Nexera QX Multiplex LC-MS/MS System uses multiple, alternating sample introduction streams for continuous operation of the mass spectrometer to significantly increase laboratory throughput and profitability.

Nexera™ QX: Improving the Efficiency of Routine LC-MS/MS Assay with Multiplex UHPLC Platform


For many modern analytical laboratories, high-throughput analysis is pivotal. LC-MS/MS shows enormous capabilities for increasing sample throughput by monitoring multiple analytes simultaneously. Over the duration of the method, the time frames used for injection, column wash, and column equilibration time frequently represent a waste of time which negatively affects the throughput of the analysis. A multi-channel LC configuration can provide the capability to maintain the same analytical conditions while increasing sample throughput by reducing the detector idle time. The Nexera QX, a two-channel system coupled with a triple quadrupole MS detector, provides reliable and robust results running an LC-MS/MS method on two parallel flow lines and contributes to effortless usability in increasing the overall analytical throughput.

Nexera HPLC/UHPLC Plate Changer


The new Nexera Plate Changer offers unmatched performance and throughput in a space-saving design. Significantly higher throughput is achieved by linking up to three units (maximum 44 MTP) to any SIL-40 autosampler for an astounding 16,896 uninterrupted samples. Each exchange of plates takes less than 20 seconds.

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