In the drug development process, the synthesis, evaluation, and purification of new therapeutic candidates is the vital function of discovery and medicinal chemistry. Once your targets have been determined, you need the tools to quickly create and purify drug candidates to inform both upstream and downstream decisions. Shimadzu provides solutions tailored to the workflows needed in a demanding pre-clinical environment, including walk-up UHPLC reaction monitoring, analytical method development with automated UHPLC/SFC switching, and preparative LC and SFC.

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Open Solutions


To assist the synthetic chemist, our Open Solutions software pairs with multi-tray UHPLC autosamplers and robust single-quadrupole mass spectrometers to provide a platform that is powerful and reliable, while being easy to use.  In just a few clicks, samples are logged in, target m/z selected, and runs submitted to the batch.  Users can dedicate their time and focus to creating new therapeutics and modalities, rather than complex software.

Nexera UHPLC and Nexera UC SFC


The flexibility of the Nexera series of UHPLC along with the analytical Nexera UC SFC allow Shimadzu to open method development possibilities that can shorten your time to evaluate and deliver drug candidates for further development.  We understand the challenges of difficult separations, and the need to provide purification of chiral compounds.  The Method Scouting Solution software automates the tedious method creation process, allowing easy screening of 12 columns and a nearly boundless number of solvents and gradients.  With the capability to integrate UHPLC and SFC in a single system, and automate the phase transition with Method Scouting Solution, we offer a new way to think about scale-up method development.


Nexera UC Prep


Shimadzu entered the analytical SFC realm in 2014 with the launch of the Nexera UC analytical system, and brought innovative, patented new technology to the field.  The same reliability and control developed for our analytical SFC is now available for your preparative needs.  Nexera UC Prep was designed in collaboration with a leading technology consortium, guided and refined by pharmaceutical users at some of the world’s largest drug makers.  Through this partnership, we have created a system that is easy to use, benchtop friendly, and based on revolutionary gas-liquid separation technology, the patented LotusStream separator.  See how Shimadzu can help you increase yield, optimize lab space, and examine the best collection workflow to meet your SFC purification needs.

Nexera LC Prep


Whether your LC purification tasks use reverse phase, normal phase, or ion-exchange conditions, the Nexera LC Prep lineup has a solution that fits your needs. With core technologies for liquid-handling and multiplexed fraction collection, Shimadzu can help automate purification and re-analysis for purity at the scale you need to maintain an efficient and productive lab. With up to 4-channel signal discrimination logic, compatibility with mass spectrometry, and the only instrument software that can control analytical and preparative UHPLC and SFC, LabSolutions, see how you can benefit from integrating Nexera LC Prep into your lab.