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National and international concerns about air quality, coupled with an uncertainty regarding the supply of oil, have led to an increased interest in the promotion and use of non-petroleum fuel sources.

Sources for biofuel include corn, sugar, various cellulosic sources (i.e., switch grass), and algae. This area of research is very dynamic with newer sources being discovered every year.

In recent years, a number of ethanol and biodiesel production plants have been built or are currently planned for construction,primarily in the Midwestern U.S. Adjusting to this changing climate, Shimadzu has been working with a number of engineering firms and production labs to determine their needs and whether new or improved methodologies can be implemented. With a wide range of instrumentation, and a wealth of experience, Shimadzu can provide you with a complete laboratory analysis package to meet your evolving requirements.

Monitoring the Fermentation Process in Bioethanol Production

In a bioethanol production facility, the High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC) is typically used to profile the carbohydrate, alcohol, and organic acid contents of the fermentation broth. These aliphatic compounds display almost no ultraviolet absorbtion and therefore are detected by using a differential refractive index detector.

ethanol fermentation via HPLC

Shimadzu BioEthanol Analyzer System Features

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  • Complete turnkey startup package to hit the ground running
  • Ease of access integrated system
  • Quick batch function simplifies batch file creation for simplified use
  • Space saving small footprint to free up bench space
  • Based on the award-winning Shimadzu Prominence-i series HPLC
  • Open rack access to the autosampler for convenient sample loading
  • Remote monitoring for quick response to a production problem
  • Closed system with back flushing capability eliminates system contamination
  • Shimadzu quality hardware, software and service support adding value to you operation

Shimadzu's new BioEthanol Analyzer includes a complete turnkey system to analyze your important compounds of interest. The system includes the newest generation Shimadzu HPLC: the Prominence-i isocratic quaternary pumping system with the RID-20A Refractive Index Detector and Shimadzu's liquid autosampler. Shimadzu also includes the latest column technology with the CHATA™ solvent system.

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Pumping System
The Prominence-I enjoys the flexibility of a quaternary pumping system giving the analyst additional solvent selection capability. A valve option provides up to seven solvents for method development or system flush at shutdown, saving valuable time.

The i-Series autosampler features an ultra-fast (14 sec) injection cycle with ultra-low carryover (less than 0.0025%). C models have 4-45°C temperature control

Refractive Index Detector
Inheriting the stability and extensibility that are the strengths of the Prominence series, the new RID-20A reduces the time to stabilization after power-on dramatically by utilizing dual temperature control for the optical system

Column Oven
The column oven uses forced air circulation for (ambient -10) to 85°C temperature control. Ideal for bioethanol applications with a refractive index detector.

Full-color LED touchscreen for front panel control with real-time chromatogram display. Remote monitoring capability from a smartphone or tablet.



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