Thickness Determination of Film and Coating on Inside of Can Using IR Pilot

The Shimadzu IRSpirit launched recently is a compact Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer characterized by the highest signal to noise ratio and the highest maximum resolution in its class (Fig. 1). The dimensions of the body are W390 × D250 × H210 mm and less than A3 in size. The IRSpirit adopts a unique design which allows not only lateral installation but also longitudinal installation so that it can be installed in a narrow space in width. The IRSpirit also has another feature that it can mount the existing accessories such as a single reflection type attenuated total reflection attachment and a diffuse reflection attachment and the commercially available accessories in addition to the accessories for the transmission measurement such as a demountable cell and a KBr pellet holder. A dedicated program named IR Pilot to assist the analysis, which allows four measurement items - identification test, contaminant analysis, quantitative analysis and film thickness determination - to be easily operated, is equipped in the LabSolutions IR software which controls the IRSpirit and executes data manipulations. By using the IR Pilot, successive operations of measurement, analysis and print can be orderly performed following the on-screen instructions. The IR Pilot is comprised of twenty-three kinds of the dedicated program of which the often-used program up to four kinds can be registered in its main menu. This article introduces the film thickness determination using the IR Pilot.

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