Application of Shimadzu Nexera Dual Injection (U)HPLC for the Analysis of Pharmaceuticals

Many people pursue ideas of “efficiency” as an ideal for daily life—ideas include how many tasks we can accomplish in a short time frame and how we can minimize our impact on the environment. The same can be true in the HPLC laboratory. The new Nexera Dual Injection (U)HPLC system equipped with two injection ports (independent flow paths) allows two analyses to be run simultaneously, and yet occupies a bench space no larger than a conventional HPLC. To showcase the Dual Injection technique for pharmaceutical applications, the USP monographs for active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and final pharmaceutical products were performed. Both potency and related compound analyses for active materials were completed simultaneously, while assay analysis for two different final products were also completed in parallel, which demonstrates the utility of the Dual Injection technique. The results for both analyses are stored in a single datafile which simplifies the data analysis via Multi-Data Reporting in the LabSolutions software. This work also shows the successful method transfer to superficially porous (SPP) columns for chromatographic analysis with isocratic elution. Simultaneous analyses decrease the overall analysis time by 50% while remaining compliant with USP guidelines. This work demonstrates the efficiency, throughput, and reliability of the Dual Injection system desired in highthroughput environment.

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High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC & UHPLC)
Dual Injection (U)HPLC, Pharma & Biopharma, Nexera (U)HPLC Dual Injection System
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