Physical Properties Evaluation of Polymer Materials by Temperature-Modulated DSC

Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) is frequently used to evaluate the physical properties of polymer materials, such as the glass transition point, melting point, and thermal decomposition temperature. However, in standard DSC measurements, the peaks and shifts may overlap if multiple thermal phenomena occur in the same temperature range, and analysis of the individual phenomena may be difficult in some cases. Temperature-modulated DSC (TM-DSC) is a technique that makes it possible to acquire information that cannot be obtained with standard DSC by temperature control in which a modulation is overlaid on a constant temperature increase. In this article, the thermal characteristics of representative polymer materials were evaluated by using the temperature modulation function of the Shimadzu DSC-60 Plus.

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Thermal Analysis, Temperature-Modulated DSC, Polymer Materials, Materials/Automotive, Plastics/Polymers, DSC-60 Plus Series Differential Scanning Calorimeter
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