Compression Test for Structural Materials of Lithium-Ion Batteries by MCT

Since lithium-ion batteries are light and small, they are used in a wide variety of products, from mobile electronic devices such as cellular phones and notebook PCs to electric crs and hybrid cars. Their inner structural materials are subjected to external force during production processes and to pressure during use. Therefor, evaluation of strength of each structural material is important to maintain consistent quality. A strength measurement was performed in thin or minute materials among various structural materials of lithium-ion batteries. Separators are usually evaluated by a tensile test or penetration test. A compression test is also important to evaluate them because they are compressed in some processes. Active materials of approximately 10μm in size located near the electrode need to have a certain compression strength so they will not be destroyed during the coating process. Below are the results of compression tests performed on these materials using the MCT-211 Series Micro Compression Testing Machine.

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